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It's a fully ecological wax dispersion. It nourishes, regenerates, protects and polishes all type of woods without the addition of silicones or synthetic resins. Particularly recommended for high quality furniture, it contains the main natural waxes of mineral origin as Montanwax, of animal origin as bee's wax, and of vegetable origin as Carnauba wax. Produced in paste and fluid form has a good protective capacity sustained by extra resistant luminous pigments, which enhance the warmth and color of the wood, retouching possible flaws. AntiWoodworm.


Code 3420 - 6 x 500ml
Code 3450 - 2 x 5Lt


With a brush or soft piece of woollen cloth, apply directly onto the surface to be treated. If it is coloured, test before applying.

Spread the application to make it uniform with a soft cloth to obtain a pearly damp film.

Leave to act for 1-2 hours.

Polish with a brush or smooth cloth. A deeper gloss is obtained with much harder polishing.

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