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Borma Wachs

Wood Hardener
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Brand: Borma Wachs
DESCRIPTIONReady to use fast drying acrylic resin dispersion solvent which reinforces and hardens any type of weakened wood from insects or anything that’s worn in time. Completely transparent it doesn't alter the natural tone, but penetrates deeply and seals the wood and recreating the origina..
305 грн.
Brand: Borma Wachs
DESCRIPTIONWith a natural oils base, enriched with UV filters, the product guarantees protection of all exterior surfaces without releasing VOC and with a pleasantly natural effect. It does not peel and is suitable for all types of wood. It contains active principles that protect the support from ha..
508 грн.
Brand: Borma Wachs
DESCRIPTIONSpecial sealer for gilding, to be applied on 2K Zapon Basecoat as adhesion promoter of the acrylic Water-based Goldsize for imitation leaf application. When colored, enhances the warmth and the depth of imitation leaf . Available colors: Transparent, Yel..
470 грн.
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