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 Imitation Gold Leaf
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Brand: Borma Wachs
DESCRIPTIONVery thin leaves made up of pure metals alloy, they are ideal to confer special metalized effects upon every kind of surface. They are mostly used in gilding technique, both traditional and not traditional.PACKAGINGCode CDO66006                 ..
320 грн.
Brand: Borma Wachs
DESCRIPTIONMetal spatula to easily open the cans and mix liquid or paste products. The polymer material of the handle ensures a correct grip, while the steel structure makes the trowel resistant to chemical agents and mechanical stress. Ideal for mixing products contained in medium-small packs...
246 грн.
Brand: Borma Wachs
DESCRIPTIONVery thin powders of pure metals alloy, suitable to give special metalized effects on every type of surface. Easy to use, they are perfectly mixable among them and allow the user to obtain infinite range of colouring. Powders can be mixed with oils of Borma range.PACKAGINGCode CDO464..
421 грн.
Brand: Borma Wachs
DESCRIPTIONThe Steel Wool is a product for industry, craftsmen and simple home dedicated to the maintenance of wood. Composed of extra-thin filaments, controlled by a computerized system, the steel wool is perfect for application of waxes or oils, with a resulting polishing of the surface. Not ..
580 грн.
Brand: Borma Wachs
DESCRIPTIONWith Stuccorapido (Soft Wax Filler) you can quickly and safely delete all wood defects, lacquered, corroded or chipped. The parts restored maintain consistency and colour, even if they have been treated with a small amount of the product and with time are not subject to deterioration. One..
59 грн.
Brand: Borma Wachs
DESCRIPTIONIt's an acrylic water-soluble glue, to be utilized for the direct application of gold and silver leafs of all kinds. Ideal also for imitation gold and silver, especially for the application of transfer metal leafs. Only for interior use.PACKAGINGCode CDO6801 - 6 x 150mlCode CDO6802 -..
350 грн.
Brand: Borma Wachs
DESCRIPTIONSpecial sealer for gilding, to be applied on 2K Zapon Basecoat as adhesion promoter of the acrylic Water-based Goldsize for imitation leaf application. When colored, enhances the warmth and the depth of imitation leaf . Available colors: Transparent, Yel..
470 грн.
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