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Holzwachs Lasur

 Holzwachs Lasur
Holzwachs Lasur
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Holzwachs Lasur is a satin, wax finish, for interiors and exteriors, with a natural oil, wax and resin base. It can be diluted with products from the Solvoil range, penetrating the wood to create a decorative, protective and highly elastic layer on the surface. Water repellent and breathable, it does not flake. It contains UV filters and additives for wood protection. Application of two or three coats is recommended. To renew the coating, simply apply a coat on the dry and clean surface. There is no need to sand. Holzwachs Lasur creates a natural, satin effect. For a more decorative effect and greater protection, one or two coats of Decking Oil -Danish Oil can be applied on it.


Code 3320XX - 6 x 750ml
Code 3322XX - 2 x 2,5Lt
Code 3330XX - 2 x 5Lt
Code 3344XX - 1 x 10Lt
Code 3340XX - 1 x 20Lt


With a brush or soft piece of woollen cloth, apply directly onto the surface to be treated. If it is coloured, test before applying.

Let it act for a minimum of 8 hours.

If needed, sand over before applying a second coat.

For a more perfect finish, after applying with the brush we advise rubbing over with a cloth. Total drying time 24 hours.

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