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Melting wax stick of considerable hardness when set. Special for refurbishing, synthetic and modern surfaces, 95°C melting point. 90 colours available light resistant. For indoor use. Colour-match service available. It has many characteristics that make it an ideal product such as good adhesion which makes it easier to apply, good plasticity and a noticeably hardness on touch. The product is compatible with any follow on work.

Code 120010 x 20gr


Assorted light colours: 50 white, 65 ash, 05 pine, 40 maple, 42 beech, 06 birch,
10 larch, 54 douglas, 02 light natural oak, 51 light oak.

Assorted dark colours: 66 dark cherry wood, 16 cherry-pearwood, 30 cherry, 62
mahogany, 33 dark mahogany, 58 palisander, 48 medium oak, 52 dark oak, 53 light
walnut, 59 medium walnut, 63 dark walnut.

Assorted plain colours: 50 white, 119 lemon yellow, 120 yellow, 122 orange, 125
red, 126 pink, 127 purple, 130 green, 136 pine green, 137 dark green.


Using a sharp knife remove any splinters or damaged wood from the area to be repaired in order to form a sound base for the application of the wax.

Pre-stain the damaged area using a suitable shade of Touch-up dye penColour edging penTouch-up dye or Colour touch-up and fill with the wax. Using the Gas heating iron, melt the wax into the damage until it is full. Then apply the other waxes in various coats and shades until the colour is achieved.

Wait until the wax is cold then remove any excess using a spatula or fine steel wool.

In order to get the best shade touch up with the Touch-up dye penGraining penColour edging penTouch-up dye or Colour touch-up. Fix with a fine coat of Holzspray spray varnish.

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