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Moisture Bloom Eliminator

Moisture Bloom Eliminator
Moisture Bloom Eliminator
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Special for quick removal of grey halos, water and alcohol stains from 1Pk varnished surfaces. Easy to use and rapidly efficient. This mixture must be applied only in case of superficial defects on lacquering. When finishing a touch-up with the proper Holzspray, or when varnishing with nitro lacquers in highly wet days a little whitish-greyish halos could appear, due to immiscibility of water in organic solvents. Moisture Bloom Eliminator, containing medium drying solvents, can re-dilate the lacquer allowing water to evaporate and deleting any residual spot.


Code 0550 - 12 x 400ml


Shake well before use.

Spray from a distance of 25-30cm. Avoid local excesses of product.

Let the Bloom Eliminator act for about 15-30 minutes.

Apply more than once in case of extremely intense stains.

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