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Waterborne Wood Whitener

Waterborne Wood Whitener
Waterborne Wood Whitener
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One-component waterbased whitener for wood. Applied by brush or by spray, it bleaches the colour of any kind of wood, making it uniform. For interior and exterior. The high/less entity of the effects can be achieved diluting the product with water. The product is ready to use.


Code NAT0075 - 12 x 1Lt
Code NAT0076 - 2 x 5Lt
Code NAT0077 - 1 x 20Lt


Shake well before use. Apply using a brush or a spray on the surface.

Leave for a few minutes.

Use a plastic brush to rub and remove oxidated layers. Repeat the operation if necessary.

When the treatment is finished, rinse thoroughly with water and let dry then lightly sand to remove wood’s pile.

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