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Teak Oil

Teak Oil
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Teak Oil
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Oil-based product, ready for use, suitable for all wooden surfaces, both interior and exterior. It makes the surface water-repellent and gives the surface a pleasantly natural appearance. Also suitable for dipping. Protects against atmospheric and biological agents and enhances the natural beauty of the wood. Clear or pigmented. It does not flake and does not require sanding. It can be used alone as a periodic treatment of the surfaces or as a coloured base before finishing with transparent oil (e.g. Decking Oil HD – Danish Oil).

Code 03600360-DSXX0360-LSXX12 x 500ml
Code 03610361-DSXX0361-LSXX12 x 1Lt
Code 03620362-DSXX0362-LSXX2 x 5Lt
Code 03650365-DSXX0365-LSXX1 x 10Lt
Code 0365.200365.20-DSXX0365.20-LSXX1 x 20Lt


DSXX (dark shades): 1011+1461+1471+581+601+621+631
LSXX (light shades): 171+172+301+511+927


Free the surface from grease, oil and wax.

Apply the product directly by spray or brush.

Apply more than one coat, at least two, waiting from 4 to 6 hours between consecutive treatments.

Dry time: 8-12 hours at 20°C.
Total dry time: 24 hours.

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