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It’s a single component, moisture-curing polyurethane lacquer, extremely hard, formulated for the stable protection of wooden floors. Thanks to its professional quality, it creates a film of excellent hardness to grant resistance to scratches and wear. Moisture-curing, fast drying. It needs low maintenance, it has high resistance also to grease and detergents. Recommended application in two coats with intermediate sanding. Approx yield: 10-14m²/Lt


Code 4100-XX - 6 x 1Lt
Code 4102-XX - 2 x 5Lt
Code 4103-XX - 1 x 10Lt
Code 4104-XX - 1 x 20Lt

Available: 30% matt/ 50% semiglossy/ 90% glossy.


Apply on a smooth and clean surface, free from oil, grease, wax, silicone or old lacquers’ residuals.

Dilute from 10 to 20% with DPU011.

Apply by brush or roller, for a minimum of two coats, each at 100-120 g/m2 rate, depending to the desired touch finish

Once dried, after 4-6 hrs, sand carefully with sandpaper grit 220, aspire all the dust and remove eventual residuals with an antistatic cloth.

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