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Water Based Goldsize

Water Based Goldsize
Water Based Goldsize
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It's an acrylic water-soluble glue, to be utilized for the direct application of gold and silver leafs of all kinds. Ideal also for imitation gold and silver, especially for the application of transfer metal leafs. Only for interior use.


Code CDO6801 - 6 x 150ml
Code CDO6802 - 6 x 500ml
Code CDO6803 - 6 x 1Lt
Code CDO6804 - 2 x 5Lt
Code CDO6805 - 1 x 15Lt
Code CDO6806 - 1 x 25Lt


Apply with a plate brush on the surface, previously prepared with layers of Bologna Gilding Chalk / Rabbit Skin Glue, and Bole / Fish Glue of the desired colour.

Let dry protected from dust exposure for 15-30 minutes. The product is ready when it is sticky to touch and adheres to the support; if not wait a little more.

Then apply the gold leaf. Clean possible residuals with water before drying is complete.

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