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Imitation Gold Powder

Imitation Gold Powder
Imitation Gold Powder
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Very thin powders of pure metals alloy, suitable to give special metalized effects on every type of surface. Easy to use, they are perfectly mixable among them and allow the user to obtain infinite range of colouring. Powders can be mixed with oils of Borma range.


Code CDO4642    - 6 x 250gr. Imitation Gold
Code CDO4642.2 - 6 x 1Kg.   
Code CDO4642.5 - 4 x 5Kg.   
Code CDO4643    - 6 x 250gr. Copper
Code CDO4643.1 - 6 x 1Kg.   
Code CDO4643.5 - 4 x 5Kg.   
Code CDO4644    - 6 x 250gr. Ducat Imitation Gold
Code CDO4644.1 - 6 x 1Kg.   
Code CDO4644.5 - 4 x 5Kg.   
Code CDO4645    - 6 x 250gr. Imitation Silver
Code CDO4645.1 - 6 x 1Kg.   
Code CDO4645.5 - 4 x 5Kg.   


Add to the chosen product (wax, oil, or other) in variable quantity (from 1 to 20%) following the coverage and the intensity desired. Mix well.

apply by brush or cloth, following the method of usage of the coloured product. Alternatively, powders can be applied directly by a soft brush on a surface treated with Water-Based Goldsize or 12H Oil Goldsize.

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